Assumptions can keep us from seeing the Humanity in others. At Kids4Peace Boston, we are saying, “enough is enough.” Let Us change the Story. There isn’t anybody better for the job.

Get Connected.


“Kids4Peace Boston educates, trains, and inspires Christian, Jewish, and Muslim youth to become interfaith peace leaders.   Through summer camps and school year activities, we develop an interfaith community equipped with the knowledge, skills, and relationships to build -together- a new culture of peace.”  – Kids4Peace Boston website.

6th and 7th grade Summer Opportunities

Kids4Peace Boston is looking for 6th and 7th graders to join us for 8 days of summer camp on the shores of a crystal-clear lake in the mountains of New Hampshire.  Where they will have all the extraordinary experiences of camp and the opportunity to grow as a young person who is passionate about peacebuilding.  Click HERE for more details.

9th and 10th grade Summer Opportunities

Each summer, Kids4Peace International hosts a Global Institute in Washington D.C. for 9th and 10th grade teens who want to meet inspiring religious, political, and grassroots leaders; learn and practice skills for social change; find their unique voice as a global peace leader; and have the chance to host new friends from Jerusalem in Boston. Find more info here. 

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Interfaith Youth Initiative

“IFYI is a 10-day program that brings young people together to experience different religions, volunteer, learn, lead, and have fun, while building an interfaith community.”

IFYI will be held at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Please direct applications and questions to ifyi@coopmet.org. – IFYI Website

SUB/URBAN Justice Program

“Founded in 2006, the Sub/Urban Justice Program does just what the name suggests – it brings together young people who are living in or connected to the suburbs with young people from cities to build a stronger network for change.” – Sub/Urban Website.

Sub/Urban hosts an incredible High School Summer Program.  Email Nadia at nadia@bostonmobilization.org, or call their office at 617-492-5599 for more details.

Join weekly drop-in meetings for teens who are interested in learning how to organize and act against injustice. Check out their website for more details!