Peace Leader Camp 2017 – Day 7, Saturday, August 12

We spent our last full day together reflecting on how we have grown at camp, both individually and as a community, how we want to continue to grow after we return home, as well as what we are taking home as peace leaders. When you meet a K4P camper, ask them about their “stones” (ways they have grown at camp) and their “sticks” (ways they want to continue growing after they return home).

This week, we had so much fun swimming and boating, playing capture the flag and many different sports, hanging out with new friends, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of camp, singing at meals, trying new activities, laughing with our counselors and counselors-in-training and more. At the same time, we learned about the 3 Abrahamic faiths and about what it means and feels like to be effective peace leaders. We explored how to form a community, take risks, expand our awareness, build trust, see different perspectives, work for justice and grow as individuals and as a group. To help us remember the impact of our week together, today we created lanterns to take home so we can continue to “shine our light” as peace builders with others. We ended our day, taking turns speaking around a camp fire with our K4P community and then sharing our thoughts during the camp-wide evening reflection. We look forward to sharing with our families tomorrow at the Celebration of Learning!

You can see some photos from our day here.

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