Peace Leader Camp 2017 – Day 5, Thursday, August 10

Perspective….How and why do people see actions and understands words differently? How do different perspectives impact a community and impact us as peace leaders? How do we learn about and challenge our assumptions? These are some of the questions K4PB campers grappled with during activities today. We even got to see camp from a new perspective as we canoed across the lake to have lunch in the woods along the shore and complete a team challenge focused on building group communication skills while exploring the concept of perspective. During the evening activity, “association nation”, campers reflected personally and with the group about their responses to key words – Muslim, Race, Faith, Jewish, Refugee, Peace, Christian, Gender, Home and more. Campers were challenged to listen to the perspectives of others and allow everyone’s voices to be heard.

As we head into our last 3 days of camp, we are all making the most out of every moment – singing in the dining hall, celebrating another camper’s birthday, finishing our interest groups, swimming and boating, and enjoying our new friends!

Don’t forget to look here for some pictures from our day!

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