Peace Leader Camp 2017 – Day 4, Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The days are flying by at camp! Today was a really busy, activity-packed, and meaningful day! We continued to have so much fun while also achieving our camp goals:

  • to build trust,
  • to foster new friendships,
  • to encourage empathy,
  • to establish a community,
  • to learn about the different religions,
  • and to share and feel confident in our individual story and identity.

During a trust walk and raft building activity we continued to build our community by strengthening our trust, both in ourselves and in the other members of our group.  Campers paired off and took turns wearing a blindfold and using their communication skills to guide each other on the walk down to the waterfront. All arrived without a scratch and experienced the challenges of depending on others for help and using detailed communication skills to give support and guidance. Upon arrival at the lake, the pairs (with one still blindfolded) were divided into larger groups and presented with raft building supplies – canoes, wood, and ropes. As a group, they had to work together to build Noah’s Ark which is part of all 3 Abrahamic traditions. This sounds easy…except that those without the blindfolds were not allowed to touch the materials! They had to guide those who had their eyes covered, telling them where and how to build a raft. As you might imagine, the groups had to overcome many challenges to achieve its goal. After a lot of hard work, communication, and of course some frustration, both groups took their rafts out for a successful test ride!

Make sure you CLICK HERE to see pictures of our campers on their “arks” in the lake, as well pictures of interest groups, a 50s themed dinner, an energizing game of capture the flag led by our Counselors-in-Training, and our camp fire!

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