Peace Leader Camp 2017 – Day 3, Tuesday, August 8

Today, campers became more aware of each other’s faiths, of the “recipe” to become successful peace builders, and how to be our best selves as part of our community. Campers opened the day by asking questions and sharing their knowledge about the 3 Abrahamic faiths. All were presented with a selection of objects associated with each faith and discussed the significance of some of the selected items (including many similarities), learning about Muslim prayer beads, rosary beads, a mezzuzah and more. After sharing their voices, campers experienced the challenge of not being heard during a silent breakfast. Somehow, without saying a word, everyone still helped each other fill their plates with waffles!

During the morning, campers started their selected “interest groups” along with the rest of the campers from our host camp. From archery, to yoga, basketball, arguing for fun, kayaking, improv, soccer, friendship bracelets and paddle boarding, all were a great way to meet new friends and have fun. Energized from these activities, we dove into the topic of the tools we need to become peace builders and how we can support each other in this important role. Check out the great photos in the link below – drawings of what peace builders look like and skits of our “commercials for peace”. Luckily, the sudden down pour of rain stopped and the sun came out in time for us to enjoy the lake. K4PB campers love to kayak, paddle board, canoe, and swim!

There is no question that campers “awareness” grew throughout the day as they took initiative during activities, shared their thoughts during discussions, helped clean-up after meals, resolved conflicts through compromise, and continued to try and learn new things. To end this amazing day of peace building, we celebrated by singing “We Can See That Peace Is Coming” in English, Arabic, and Hebrew during a full camp gathering!



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