Peace Leader Camp 2017 – Day 2, Monday, August 7, 2017

Today, the first full day of K4PB camp started with “Go-getters” – an active way to begin the day! Everyone had the option of participating in touch football, joining a group skipping around camp, or playing volleyball. What a great way to wake-up and begin a day filled with sunshine and a blue sky. Throughout the day, we encouraged campers to try new things, take on some challenges and figure out the best way to support others as they took risks as well.  Campers discussed the importance of challenging themselves by taking risks and the kind of help they needed to feel supported. Then, during the day, they really tried to step out of their comfort zone whether it was on the rock wall or other elements in the climbing course, through team challenge activities, or in the lake. Everyone pushed themselves to the best of their ability and encouraged their friends to do the same. By expanding their comfort zones, campers learned more about themselves and each other. Not only did they learn to work together during team challenges, but they also supported each other while overcoming solo challenges – key parts of building any successful community! We ended our day with a lively game of charades (also a challenge!) and then a chance to reflect on our first full day together as a community. We can’t wait to take on the challenges that await us tomorrow!



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