K4PB Camp 2016 – Monday, August 1

Goal setting – working together as a team – challenging ourselves: these are all themes of our second day at camp. Wow – what a busy day! We began by setting goals for ourselves. Examples of the many things campers mentioned are: getting to know new people, learning something new about a different religion, trying a new activity, and having fun! Our boys and our girls each had a turn to work together as a team on the challenge course, including the Whale Watch which required that each group figure out how to balance on a large wooden platform without talking! Both the boys and the girls group worked amazingly well together! (Check out the pictures to really figure out what they had to do.) Candle -making allowed campers to discuss the recipe for a successful week at camp, and a session on the indoor ropes course enabled campers to challenge themselves individually as well as support and encourage their peers through their challenges on the ropes course. All of the day’s activities showed that small things make a big difference (to others and to ourselves) when building a community and working together as a team. After spending the evening singing around the camp fire with our host camp – including performing a song for the entire camp, we closed the day by practicing intentional listening in pairs learning why each camper chose to come to Kids4Peace camp.

Oh, and in between all of this we had another fabulous swim in the lake in the light rain! Everyone will sleep very well tonight!

CLICK HERE to see photos from today!

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