K4PB Camp 2016 – Day 6 – August 5

Today we were glad to all come together again after our grand adventures yesterday! We traded tales of our hikes, camping out, and making s’mores. Today began the weekend of sharing our traditional weekly faith practices together.

After settling back in at camp, we made challah together in preparation for Shabbat dinner. The campers enjoyed braiding their bread, learning about the tradition behind challah, and decorating their breads with cinnamon sugar, chocolate chips, and raisins! It was fun to play with our food!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the eating lodge with an especially long round of song challenges. We are doing a great job learning the camp songs and sing them passionately!

After lunch, we watched our Muslim friends make wudu and pray Jum’ah. It was a quiet time to pray for those of us who are Muslim and a quiet respectful time to observe for those of us who are not. Afterwards, we spent time asking questions and learning bout one another’s tradition.

We cooled off in the lake with a rousing game of water volleyball and some swimming to break up our afternoon. Our competitive sides really came out!

Once we cooled off, we shifted gears and spent some time returning to the ideas that we have worked so hard on all week. We participated in an activity where we were each given a new identity, faced with difficult circumstances and situations. We discussed the ways we could step into action in response to these circumstances, as the person with the identity or as a bystander. We thought about the needs we see most clearly in our communities, and the ways that our voices can be heard best.

Before dinner, our Jewish friends lit the Shabbat candles and did the Kiddush, while we respectively observed. Over a delicious Shabbat meal we asked questions and learned about our Jewish friends’ practices.

After dinner we had a ton of fun sharing our talents with our Kids4Peace community during our talent show. With a Hamilton rap, a motivational positive speech, magic tricks, Hebrew tongue twisters, soybutter and jelly silly hands, gymnastic tricks, and telekinesis, we were laughing the whole time!

We are all excited to head to bed early tonight after our long day today, and are looking forward to our special Kids4Peace interest groups tomorrow!

To see more of the fun we had, view the pictures from today here!

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