K4PB 2016 Camp – Day 1 – July 31, 2016

Kids4Peace Boston Peace Leader Camp has finally begun! A little rain did not stop the campers and staff from having an incredible first day. We spent time connecting and re-connecting, both new campers and returning campers, and getting to know the camp routine. After settling into our rooms and playing some get-to-know you games, we took swim tests in the lake. Swimming in the lake in the light rain was quite peaceful! After a dinner, filled with energetic singing (a tradition at Camp), a treasure hunt helped all K4PB campers get to know their way around these beautiful surroundings. During the evening activity, we shared the story of Abraham’s tent – found in all 3 Abrahamic faiths – which laid the groundwork for the hospitality and generosity we all want to offer each other at camp and reiterated the commonality among our religions. During our “closing the day” session (a time for all to reflect on and share thoughts about their day), many mentioned how excited they were to finally be here after so many months of thinking about camp and how much they are looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow. The Kids4Peace Boston CITs (counselors in training; all 11th and 12th graders who have been in K4PB since they went to camp after 6th grade) are amazing role models, helping campers get to know one another, leading games, and just making sure all are having fun.

One of the staff members said that the K4PB campers brought the sun to camp even when the sky was cloudy!


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