Zach Roe

K4PB Camp 2016 – Day 4 – August 3

Today was another great, full day! The Counselors-in-Training really stepped-up their leadership role in planning much of the day’s happenings. We started with a guided meditation in the morning, which was focused on the importance of thinking before acting. When breakfast finished, we had fun doing Arlos (washing dishes for the whole camp) and sang lots of songs while doing so. Daniel Anderson, the Assistant Program Director, also came to join for the day, arriving just in time to visit some of the interest groups shared with our host camp and campers. During our afternoon Discovery Block, our focus was on privilege and perspective, and we portrayed these issues through a challenging, yet fun, game called Monster Mash. After so much powerful conversation, we went to relax and play at the lake, and our fun there included balance competitions on the paddle boards. Entering late afternoon, we took more time to plan more of our various presentations on our religious traditions. After a ’50’s themed dinner, we returned to our lodge to dive more deeply into the concept of privilege and how to address it within ourselves and others through engaging and powerful activities led by the Counselors-in-Training.

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K4PB Camp 2016 – Day 3 – August 2

Day three has been great! We’ve all come together and are integrating well. The youth had the opportunity to make many new friends at our host camp through joining them in various Interest Groups: archery, diving, football, paddle boarding, sailing, mod podge, and many more. After this, we all gathered together again to discuss why we’re here with Kids4Peace, the issues facing our respective communities, and the importance of taking risks as a peace leader. When we finished, everyone headed to the lake to relax, swim, and paddle board. Dinner was Taco Tuesday, and afterwards we hung out with the Green Team to learn about the compost and gardening system used here at Camp. For evening reflection, our Kids4Peace Boston campers had the chance to share their thoughts on the importance of creating a peaceful world, and they did so with strength and passion. Our long, full day was closed with small group conversation and sharing. Now we’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow!

To see come pictures from this morning’s activities: